Friday, November 30, 2012

The Downton-Essex Arcade

Guests attending Vermont Public Television's event Inspired by Downton Abbey will be transported to the world of the wildly popular period drama. In the Essex Resort and Spa Atrium, guests will leave Vermont behind, and enter the village of Downton, surrounded by the sights and smells of a bustling food market. 

All tickets include food, drinks, and entertainment. The Downton-Essex Arcade will feature the following food shoppes:

Produce Shoppe
Mini Bubble & Squeak, Leek & Mushroom Tartlets, Endive with Pickled Vegetables, Baby Green Salad with Preserved Lemon Vinaigrette

Cheese and Bread Shoppe 
Assorted House-Made Breads (King Arthur Flour), Local Cheeses with Assorted Jams & Chutneys

Fish Shoppe
Salmon Coulibiac, Smoked Bluefish Pate, Shrimp Gougeres, Potato & Smoked Crab Croquettes, Clam Chowder

Butcher Shoppe 
Hand-Carved Steamship of Beef with Bordelaise, Country Pate, Assorted House-made Charcuterie

Roulade of Lamb Leg Stuffed with Blood Pudding, Cornish Pasties, Quail Pudding, Cranberry Chicken in Phyllo Cups

Pastry Shoppe
Charlotte Russe, Spotted Dick, Madeleine, Petits Fours, Steamed Pudding with Brandy Butter, Traditional Biscuits 

Guests will have the chance to enjoy the abundant culinary provisions as they mix and mingle in the Downton-Essex Arcade at The Essex Resort & Spa. 

The design for the grand food court is the vision of UVM Professor of Scenic Design, Jeffrey Modereger.

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