Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Vermont Public Television Receives Honors for Little Jerusalem Documentary

Colchester, VT – Vermont Public Television is honored to receive the acclaimed Richard O. Hathaway award from the Vermont Historical Society for VPT's powerful documentary Little Jerusalem. The prestigious Hathaway award recognizes an individual, group or organization for making an outstanding contribution to the field of Vermont history.

Little Jerusalem, produced by Dorothy Dickie, is a film about the unique history and vitality of the Jewish community in Burlington, Vermont. During the late 19th century, Jewish immigrants from neighboring villages in rural Lithuania settled in Burlington. The documentary is rich with archival images and features moving interviews with descendants of the original settlers. In creating this film, VPT was fortunate to be able to draw on the scholarship of historian Jeff Potash and archivist Aaron Goldberg, who had been collecting information about the people from the area known as "Little Jerusalem" for more than two decades.

Mark Hudson, Executive Director of the Vermont Historical Society, said, "VPT's work captures the history of this community in North End Burlington determined to preserve religious traditions and retain its distinctive cultural identity." John King, President and CEO of VPT, added, "VPT has always been committed to telling the story of what makes Vermont so unique. It's an honor to be recognized for an excellent film about such an important topic."

The Vermont Historical Society's Hathaway award is dedicated to the memory of Richard O. Hathaway, whose lifelong work teaching Vermont history was an inspiration to his colleagues and to the many students he taught and mentored, both inside and outside academia. Candidates for the Hathaway award include publications, exhibits, works of art, documentary films, radio programs, websites and dramatic works.

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