Thursday, February 28, 2013

VPT's Chief Technology Officer Heads PBS Advisory Committee

Congratulations to our own technology chief for taking on an even bigger role as chair of PBS' Enterprise Technology Advisory Committee. Now our larger network also will benefit from Joe's experience and strategic thinking.

Joe Tymecki, chief technology officer for Vermont Public Television, has been elected chair of the PBS Enterprise Technology Advisory Committee. The group represents the diverse interests of the 350 PBS member stations in development and management of broadcast and information technologies.

Joe is a graduate of Vermont Technical College and is certified as a Professional Broadcast Engineer by the SBE (Society of Broadcast Engineers). He has been head of engineering at Vermont's statewide public television network since 2008.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Does Vermont Need More Gun Control?

When it comes to firearms and Vermont, everybody knows:

(1) The typical Vermonter owns guns and opposes any effort to regulate them;
(2) with almost no violent crime in the state, there’s no point to more gun control.

After all, isn’t hunting so deep-seated in Vermont’s culture that the opening of the November deer season is effectively a state holiday? Isn’t Vermont’s murder rate just about the lowest in the nation? Wasn’t the Majority Leader of the State Senate forced into a hasty withdrawal of his bill to ban semi-automatic weapons lest it taint the entire Democratic Party?